I know, it’s been a bit over two years since my last blog post. Every time I thought that I would sit down at the computer and jot down a quick post, I’d get distracted or extremely busy.

To be fair, the last two years have been a whirlwind of activity. I have done a fair bit of training for the public and this has kept me busy. We also sold our house and property in order to purchase another property. We tripled our acreage in the deal and now have access to much needed space. In addition to more acreage, this property is adjacent to a vast amount of trails and public land.

Tripling the acreage also tripled the work load as the new property was in disrepair. The summer of 2016 included a lot of cleaning this place up and tearing down old dilapidated buildings. I got real familiar with the county landfill. It is a work in progress.

It has been a real winter here and I know folks are getting anxious for spring. I am going to be putting on a few horsemanship clinics this spring and summer. I don’t have all the details as of yet but if you are interested in attending or booking a clinic, let me know.

I have many topics that I will be addressing shortly, check back and thanks for reading.