Cali first ride

A cause for celebration. Our first ride.

I got this OTTB late last July as a project. She came to me from a California rescue with a bit of a reputation. She was difficult to handle, didn’t load well and was aggressive with human handlers. No starts but she had been ridden a few times.

Shortly after I got her I started with some ground work and quickly realized she needed some chiropractic work. Once we got that sorted out she developed a really bad case of hives that turned out to be allergies, to our flies and our feed. The hives were so bad that saddling was not an option. By the time we began the serum treatment winter had set in so she got to just chill in an old time Montana winter.

I put her at a local arena a couple of weeks ago to get rolling. After much ground work and getting used to the business of an indoor arena, we had our first ride.

She had a tendency to get quite defensive very quickly, such as squealing, threatening to kick and pinning her ears. Being a rather large 17 hand TB, this can be quite intimidating. I handled this by staying in close to her (safely) and rubbing/petting her until she would relax. Another reaction she had was to back up, so getting the forward going also helped. This mare has a ways to go, but she has made great strides.

Once through this initial training, she has great potential and I am looking forward to seeing her fulfill this potential.

Thanks for reading